18 million deaf people in India represent a significant consumer segment.

Why you may be interested in using SignAble

  • Are you doing enough to make your commercial offering available to the deaf? Is there anyone who can communicate with a deaf client? 
  • Are some of your employees deaf persons? How do you communicate with them?
  • Would you like to gift the power of communication to deaf persons as part of your CSR?

What we can do to help 

  • SignAble can build a communication channel seamlessly into your customer service
  • SignAble can allow professionals like doctors and lawyers to understand their clients’ needs
  • SignAble can provide you with the satisfaction of knowing that every time the SignAble app is being used by a deaf person, your company is directly helping someone to communicate when they couldn’t in the past.  

If what we are building excites you, join us in making an impact at scale. We would love to connect with you at