Deaf or Hard of Hearing

If you are deaf or hard of hearing and are a sign Language user, we would like to work with you. The SignAble VRS service is developed to address communication needs between you and hearing persons, and it will only be able to empower you to do this if it is appropriate to your needs. We have deaf persons working with SignAble and they provide us with regular insights, ideas and feedback to develop this service. We are also working with deaf-led and support institutions such as the National Association of the Deaf. 

You can become part of the SignAble movement in several ways:

  1. You can give us feedback on the service
  2. You could encourage and invite all hearing people on your mobile contact list to download the app to start communication with you  
  3. You can become a champion of the SignAble VRS service by letting both deaf and hearing people know about the app and help them download and use the app
  4. You can recommend Sign Language interpreters to join SignAble for jobs as interpreters
  5. You can volunteer to join and support SignAble directly 

Please contact us via the facebook group or via the website below