The Accessible India Campaign provides the framework for making India an inclusive society. For the deaf, the single most important driver of inclusion is communication. While the deaf use Indian Sign Language to communicate with each other, for the most part they continue to remain isolated from the rest of the population.

  • There are very few Indian Sign Language interpreters, and even fewer available at short notice
  • A very high percentage of deaf persons are also illiterate and so communication is even more difficult
  • Deaf people, who are often the poorest can be further excluded from accessing government services and programmes because hearing people have no means to communicate with them
  • Ensuring government staff use the SignAble service through their mobile phones gives access to every deaf person

Our team can facilitate the adoption of the SignAble app and tablets

  • The SignAble team can do orientation of the app with front-line government staff for live communication with the deaf
  • SignAble can make Indian Sign Language videos to communicate government schemes, programs and initiatives with the deaf
  • The SignAble app can be enabled via the ADIP scheme

SignAble would be very interested to talk with any government department to explore how to make their cities, their transport infrastructure, their schemes, etc more accessible to the deaf. We would love to connect with you at