The SignAble app allows a deaf user to make a mobile-based call to a hearing person. To facilitate this conversation, a deaf person initiates a call via the SignAble app. This immediately makes a SignAble interpreter available. The interpreter then converses in speech to initiate the conversation with the hearing person. During the course of the call, the interpreter enables the communication both ways, in Sign Language with the deaf person via a video link, and as a normal audio call with the hearing person. 

SignAble works hand in hand with the deaf community to enable  deaf people to be included into society on their own terms, to realise their ambitions, and to fight for their human rights. SignAble believes that this is best done by enabling communication through Sign Language. The remote interpretation service provided by SignAble is the first in a series of services that SignAble hopes to develop with the deaf community that will be conceived, run and championed by the deaf.  

Signable has a partnership with the Government, DPO’s & NGO’s. It will also seek to develop partnerships with other deaf organisations, schools, associations etc.